Program Coordinator

Seattle, WA

Job Type

$52,000-$57,000 Salary, 1.0 FTE

About the Role

Collective Youth Educator
Fulltime - 40 hours
$52K -$57K salary
Benefits: health insurance and 5% retirement
Start date: January 30

Job description

The Program Coordinator for Collective Youth will develop and implement the program and lead activities, including but not limited to technology enrichment, professional development workshops, and overseeing the volunteer mentorship program for young adults ages 14-24.

Collective Youth,, is a student-led program within Geeking Out Kids of Color, I BIPOC led nonprofit organization, that focuses on supporting BIPOC young adults by introducing them into the tech field through tech education or supporting them in finding internships and mock interviews with other tech professionals. This position will be heavily coordinating a student-led program.

Collective Youth Program Overview
Tech education through project-based skill building
Internship applications
Interpersonal professional skill development
Application of social justice theory
Mentorship and College Transition Support
Tech events for networking

Tech Enrichment: This program liberates youth by redefining relationships with technology through a curriculum centered around competitive programming and social justice. Youth participate twice a week throughout the school year and summer. Each session includes community building time and algorithm classes.

College Mentorship: Collective Youth college participants will be matched with a mentor who offers ongoing support, including the following activities:
1:1 check-ins on at least a quarterly basis, or more, with Collective Youth participants in college, focused on goal-setting and academic progress.
Mock interviews, resume building, and other career preparation activities.
High School Workshops:
Group Events in the following categories: Financial Aid 101, College Application Workshop, Career Panel, College Student Panel

Collective Youth Hub: Bimonthly peer-to-peer networking for college students and young adults pursuing jobs in tech and providing support to one another with job-seeking applications, and career exploration activities.

Events focused on high school seniors and incoming college freshmen to connect with mentors, understand different college environments, build community, and learn additional skills that are not formally taught in schools, such as computational thinking and tech innovation.

Volunteer Mentors: Working directly with BIPOC professionals in key industries to offer 1:1 and group networking opportunities, mock interviews, and to provide context for young people on their experience working in these industries.


Manage a caseload of approximately 45 participants, preparing young people for a professional and collaborative leadership work ethic in technology fields:
Making progress to graduate from their institution.
Understanding how to apply critical race and gender theory to create software and new technology, especially important to be done by BIPOC communities and educated allies.
Applying to internships as a team as we are focusing more on the angle of cooperation instead of competition.
Take initiative in developing technical skills and teamwork skills and prepare young people for a professional and collaborative leadership work ethic.

Program Activities: (During the school year program activities are 40% of the time, during summer session program activities are 60% of the time).
Teach youth computer science through our curriculum and bring in professional volunteers to teach Enrichment activities twice a week.
Network with tech professionals in the area to bring them into this program and support our youth that is looking to get into the tech field.
Develop and administer workshops and special events during the academic year and summer.
Utilize current knowledge of college admissions processes, college enrollment processes, trends in higher education, and financial aid processes.
Work with youth to identify areas of interest, passion, and skill development, and support youth through Computer Science (CS) projects that showcase their learning.
Foster a positive, safe, respectful, and engaging environment for all participants.
Volunteer recruitment and management.

Community Outreach: (During the school year outreach is 30% of the time, during summer outreach is 20% of the time)
Build and maintain relationships with target school staff, community organizations, and high school/college/university personnel to address identified needs and facilitate access to critical resources for students and families.
Recruit and retain students in the program.
Prepare and distribute marketing materials.
Maintain professional and respectful communication with staff, faculty, and students from diverse backgrounds such as racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic, and with diverse physical and learning disabilities.
Maintain positive working relationships with families, partnering personnel, and other key partners.

Administrative: (During the school year program support is 30% of the time, during summer program support is 20%)
Maintain accurate and timely records, including monthly and bi-annual reporting, among other tasks.
Hire and supervise 4 Youth Leaders.
Help track student academic achievement.
Maintain key project documents and communication to support different aspects of the program, including periodic reports, student files, and updates.
Monitor attendance.

Other duties as assigned.

Salary and Benefits:

Salary: $52,000 - $57,000 per year full time salaried 40 hours per week
GOKiC also offers a generous paid time off plan, free medical, dental, vision, orca transportation cards, and 403(b) plan (Starting summer of 2022).
As of October 18, 2021, GOKiC staff are required to either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have been granted a religious or medical exemption. Philosophical exemptions are not permitted.

Application Procedure

Submit resume and cover letter to and include LinkedIn profile.

For more information
Inquiries may be directed to

Employment Practice
Geeking Out Kids of Color is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications are considered without regard to race, age, sex, color, creed, religion, disability, national origin, marital status, mental or physical handicap, sexual orientation, and expression of gender identity or any other classification protected by law. We encourage people of color and residents of the communities we serve to apply.


Preferred Education, Experience, Abilities

  • A bachelor’s degree or Associate's degree with a strong background in math, science, social science, and/or English. Technology major preferred.

  • Available 40 hours between 11 am - 8 pm Monday through Friday. Must be available to attend evening and weekend meetings, mornings as needed. 

  • Experience: Must have experience working with multi-cultural youth who are overcoming multiple barriers to success.

  • Preference for one of the following, but not required: Minimum two years teaching/training experience, Minimum two years working with youth academic program development, or Minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience managing large groups of volunteers and/or interns, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Multilingual skills are a plus.

  • Interest in teaching Computer Science and/or Coding and curriculum building. 

  • Engaging and managing volunteers

  • Knowledgeable around racial & gender theory, decolonization in education, and critical white theory. 

  • Coming from a background similar to the community we serve is desired.

  • Must be a self-starter, dependable, have strong problem-solving skills, and have the ability to use good judgment as necessary.

  • Must have reliable and independent transportation. 

  • Must be committed to creating and sustaining a learning environment in which students feel safe, supported, and encouraged; foster an environment that is inclusive, culturally rich, and bias-free.

About the Company

About Geeking Out Kids of Color (GOKiC):

GOKiC,, is a BiPOC led nonprofit organization with a mission of the liberation of BIPOC youth through technology and mentorship by developing decolonized tech education programs to nurture community leaders of change