GOKiC empowers kids of color with an education in computer science, programming, and robotics, helping unlock their creativity through technology.


We are committed to racial and gender equity. Our programs are at the forefront of multicultural CS education, enabling our kids to create new technology that only they can create.


  • After school enrichment programs

  • Summer school programs

  • WoC in Tech  (*Woke in Tech)

  • Coding fundamentals 

  • Full-stack web development

  • Video game development

  • AI Model Building 

  • Robotics 

  • Data Science 

  • Applied AI and machine learning


Transcending The Digital Learning Gap 

Multicultural Digital Learning 

Learning computer science through a multicultural perspective 

Closing The Racial Digital Gap

Less than 5% of schools nationally teach computer science. We Teach students digital competency for the 21st century 

Leading into the 21st Century 

Creating leaders in the tech community 


DATA Science

Who'd survive the Titanic?

A Microsoft Data Scientist volunteered to teach a  statistical modeling class to find out who would survive the oceanic catastrophe, mixing databases and statistical packages using R language.  

Giving Back


Do you want to help shape our community?

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We look to collaborate with community centers, after school programs, and schools facing economic hardship. Provide us with the space and students, and we'll plug-in, helping you source funding to geek kids out. 

With over 170 kids served, we're ready for more. We'll craft an individualized computer science curriculum based on the community's specific needs. 

Ah, one more thing. We geek out about our teaching and volunteer staff, as the majority of us look like the students we teach, allowing for easier connection to each other and to what we teach.


Our team

GOKiC started in 2016 in Seattle when a group of friends saw an opportunity to strengthen  their communities and make an impact on children’s lives. We are a diverse group of developers that love what we do and know the importance of technology to facilitate learning and bring people together.

Pedro Perez

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Pedro Perez is the cofounder and Executive Director of Geeking Out Kids of Color. As a critical race theorist, Pedro intersects his technical skills with anti-racist and anti-sexist theory, and builds new tech ed curriculums for kids. He is also a cultural bearer of indigenous two-spirit folk dance and knowledge that he shares with his community.

Fernando Sanchez 

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Computer science nerd that believes technology and CS can change the world. Born and raised in Monterrey, México. I graduated from college in 2010 joining Microsoft and migrating to US right after. Currently managing a team as a senior software engineer lead building scalable services and data analytics solutions.

Priscila Angulo

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I am code enthusiast, passionate about the theory behind software engineer. I believe in education as a means to improve life quality. Some facts about myself: I'm Mexican, I have a PhD in Computer Science, work for Microsoft. I love volunteering.

Tiago Sommer Damasceno

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Tiago is a Software Engineer who is passionate about using game development as a mean to learn and teach many aspects of computer science. He was born and raised in Brazil, where he had a teacher that introduced him to a tool for making games. That sparked his curiosity in programming which later took him to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Felip Ballesteros

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Felip serves as a Change Management consultant for tech companies with a focus in marketing and communications. Beyond his day job, Felip is actively involved in critical cultural explorations on how cities build and design for access to opportunity through the arts, technology, and business. He's well traveled, speaks a few languages, and self-identifies as a sustainable nomad and cultural misfit. His Mexican-immigrant background pushes him to seek entrepreneurial opportunity and louden the voice of immigrant people in whichever community he calls home.

Janell Jordan

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Janell is driven by their background in youth development work and believe in the essential need of fostering healing spaces for people to build connection, emotional intelligence, and social awareness. Skilled in the research and facilitation of trauma-informed competency workshops through a critical race theory lens. I am passionate about nurturing spaces of equity within systems and empowering marginalized voices.

Suez Gebretsadik

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UW Intern and Project Coordinator for WOC In Tech. Suez is currently studying to be a speech pathologist. She is passionate about youth development, building community, and connecting youth to sustainable agriculture.

Libby Knell

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Libby is a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Education, Learning and Society at the University of Washington Seattle. She is extremely interested in exploring how education can be aided by technology, whether it be personalizing a learner’s experience or making education more accessible to marginalized groups. Libby is constantly looking for ways to connect students from non-traditional backgrounds with ways to learn about the opportunities in the technology sector.

Rafael Bayer

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I am a sophomore studying computer science at the University of Washington. I'm passionate about many things in the field of computer science, especially creating games and artificial intelligence. I also enjoy teaching and working with others, I believe that helping and teaching others is one of the best ways we can all improve ourselves. I hope to use what I have learned over the years to empower others who enjoy programming and other STEM fields.


Sam Gil Vargas

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Lead Instructor and Education Coordinator for GOKiC and WOC in Tech, working to integrate technology and social justice issues into a multicultural curriculum.

Wendy Roldan

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My focus areas are in the fields of user centered design, collaborative information problem solving, and equitable engineering education.


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Volunteers play an important roll in our team. If you are interested in volunteering please click here.


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Are you interested in developing programs to strengthen our communities? Are you interested in working with software engineers to help guide you in new and exciting projects? Send your thoughts and resume to You can also send your info here


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