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Why we teach

The Digital Literacy Gap

Women of color have found ways to manifest unique values and strengths, despite the gap that often secludes them from working in tech. 

Scarce After-School Programs

We are so much more than your everyday after-school program. Very few programs offer the resources, expertise, and mentorship that we do.

Lack of Early STEM Education

Teaching children advanced computer skills at a young age will only help them as they get older. There are few organizations that advocate for thsi early STEM awareness and devopment in youth.

Non-Intersectionality Education

The fusion of race theory and gender theory in the discussion of technology is not prevelant in most education systems, if any.

It is the resilience of the oppressed that our programs and organization values. Notably, the creativity from the under-resourced, bilingualism, multicultural perspectives, philanthropic love, black girl magic, code switching-social intelligence, and humor of well lived experiences, just to name a few. These brilliances are braided together to bring a unique holistic wellbeing for our youth to thrive.

What Sets Us Apart

We strive to close the digital literacy gap in kids of color through
Equity, Education, Intersectionality, and Technology



We are confronting inequality deeply rooted in our system by bridging education and technology. 


Youth development is a family effort and we engage with student’s families, schools and other organization. 


Through awareness of our differences, we can better understand and acknowledge differences among us.


We are driven in our efforts to dismantle racism and reduce the digital literacy gap through tech education.

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