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Put the power into the hands and hearts of our children and our communities. From individuals to nonprofits and foundations, supporters and volunteers help more students of color Geek Out.



Support the cause to close the digital literacy gap and empower kids of color with an education in computer science. Nurture leaders of color who use technology to impact their community positively.



Collaboration with schools and community-based organizations supports the positive growth and academic success of young people. Ask to partner with us and bring GOKiC to your youth-focused program.

Why Partner with Us

For us, by us

Geeking Out Kids of Color was founded by and for Black, Indigenous, and people of color. We connect history to the present day to innovate technology to dismantle oppression systems.


We understand the importance of collaboration with a diverse range of sectors to address social change through our work with young people, and work together to bring justice to struggling communities.


We respond to a gap in STEM programming for youth of color that centers on positive identity development with curricula that build technology skills through a lens of equity by incorporating critical race theory pedagogy.

Elevate youth voices

We offer opportunities for youth to explore and learn from people of color working at tech companies. GOKiC strive to create experiences for youth where they can gain confidence, practice leadership, and have a space for healing and connection

Thanks again for the opportunity to share my journey with the students. I really enjoyed the event and look forward to supporting in the future.”

- Volunteer, Boeing

What We Offer Our Partners

Diversity and Equity Consulting and Workshops

GOKiC as an organization incorporates DEI into all that we do and how we operate, and we want to support other organizations implement equitable and culturally responsive strategies. GOKiC’s fully integrated approach includes critical race theory and pedagogy in how we organize and work. Intentional with every step, from hiring BIPOC staff to providing training, identifying partners to maximize our reach and impact to BIPOC youth, and connecting with parents and families.

Technology Workshops

We connect with families to help navigate technology access, providing assistance and leading video workshops in Spanish, Amharic, and Somali on how to use Zoom, Google Hangouts, and communicating with teachers and school personnel.

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Ready to Partner?

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